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Team AZPWD Goes to Wags for Wishes Event
Glendale, AZ

Jan. 17-18, 2009

RSPWDC was well represented at the Wags for Wishes fundraising event in Glendale, AZ. It was an unusually warm, sunny weekend and PWDs competed in obedience, agility and the American Fido contest. Thanks to Michele Murphy who was our photographer!

Team Onyx an Sherri give it a go:

Later Onyx and Buccaneer performed in the American Fido competition:

Buccaneer performed her "I can jump into my mom's arms like a Border Collie" trick in the American Fido competition:

Skiff and Lauren took their turn in the Fido Competition:

Janis with Liza (the Legado PWD present) and Sherri take a breather:

Buccaneer and Cathy also ran agility:

Curly flies off of a jump:

...and has a solid down on the pause table:

John watches from the tent area where one of the ribbons flies in the breeze with the Portuguese flag:

Whirly stretches with Lauren:

Chili and Tim on the agility field:

...and blasting through the weave poles:

Poor Tim was all worn out. He rests up for next year:

Rio Salgado